We are what we eat so what are you made of? lets look at some of the basic building blocks in all food and see what they do, and how healthy they are for us.

It is very important to eat a balanced diet while you are growing. Eating Bread everyday can help you get the calcium you need for strong bones and vitamins you need for a healthy body. To get the best out of the bread, nutritionalists recommend we eat between 4 and 6 slices of bread a day. We can split the nutritional values of bread up into 5 main groups:-

Carbohydrates is one of the main energy sources in food, the most common being sugars and starches. If we didn¹t have a good source of energy in our bodies, we would be tired all the time energy is our fuel. Our bodies tell us when we are getting low on energy by making us hungry. Carbohydrates are found in milk, vegetables, fruit and, of course, bread.

We can¹t digest fibre in our diet, but it is very important to us as it helps our digestive system work smoothly. Bread is a great source of fibre with wholemeal & brown bread having the most fibre in it, but specialist white bread can have extra fibre added. Fruit and vegetables are another great source of fibre.

Protein is also one of the main sources of energy. We need protein in our diets for our bodies to grow and repair themselves. Protein is mainly found in meat, milk & eggs but bread is also a good provider of protein.

If we want strong bones and teeth we have to have a good source of calcium, especially when we are growing up, it also helps with the working of our nerves and muscles. These days bread, mainly white bread, has vitamins and minerals added to the dough before it is baked, and calcium is one of them and so is iron.

Iron helps produce haemoglobin in the blood, this carries the oxygen from your lungs all around your body; it also helps release energy from food, energy is the fuel our bodies need to run well.

Now we know what to eat, how much of it should we eat?
Well, if we ate too much of one group and not enough of another, that would also be quite bad for you. We all need to eat a balanced diet, so below is a Healthy Food Loaf of Bread. The loaf has been cut into proportions showing you how much of the 5 main food groups you should eat to feel good. Roll over the sides to see what they are.



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